About Zu Online

Zu Online is a 3D MMORPG and comes from a Chinese legendary Kung fu novel.


Completed storyline and extensive branches which closely related with one another

In Zu Online, you can not only have tributary missions, clan quests, and interlink ++ quests, but also enjoy yourself in such a complicated world with mysterious shadow and fighting between the good and the evil.


Classical tinge brings about fresh and vivid effect

The game creatively combines Chinese ancient ink painting with fashionable animation. It will lead you to experience the mystic world with its unique Zu music.


Riding at the speed of lightening

Here you will enjoy a trip in the sky by riding a sword, moonblade or other weapons.


Ability of shapeshifting

You can shapeshift to ghosts (jinn) to enhance your power in the game. But you must first learn the spell of shapeshifting and have enough vigor as well.


Four varieties of talent work wonders by different routes

Zu online spurns the traditional AD&D such as HP, SP, Intelligence, Agility and Hardiness and innovates four kinds of talent as below instead:

  • Trinket: it can determine the trinket numbers one may wear.
  • Tradeskill: it can determine one’s ability of refining weapons, armors, potions and ect.
  • Ability: it can determine one’s own competence, such as strength, agility.
  • Summon: it can determine one’s ability of shapeshifting.

Players can choose routes by themselves.


To manufacture magic armors by yourself

Players can gather raw material to manufacture weapons and armors, endowing them with miraculous attributes and can also make potions for increasing experience. Successful tradeskill can be rewarded by experience as well.


Twelve Mascots possess luck

Each player has his own mascot. You can claim blessings from Warehouse Master in main cities at the lucky time of your mascot.


Collection of supernatural power

Trinket is assembled with power and wisdom from senior trainees. Every trinket has its own story and usage. Some of them even have special skills.


Integration of fortune and disasters

Trainees will undergo a great calamity in every sixty levels. It’s so-called “destined calamity”, including “thunder calamity, torridity calamity, hyperborean calamity, squall calamity and Animitta Devil calamity”. If trainees are brave enough to challenge and successfully pass that calamity, they will get special skills and his immortal grade will be promoted too.


Profound learning

Strategy of Trap-Break is a stunt of Bead Fairy in Jade Pool. They lay out battle formation with attendance of teammates to reinforce its power. Enemies within thousands of miles will be heavily wounded. Besides, the tradeskill formation and Bead Fairy’s Strategy of Trap-Break are different in approach but equally satisfactory in result. It will increase success rate of manufacture with the help of teammates.

Treasure hunt

Decode cipher in treasure map and search treasure

Players can make use of cipher implied in the treasure map to knock at the lucky door and seek the treasure.


Gather materials for tradeskill

A variety of precious plants and stones spread all over the game world, which can be gathered as materials for tradeskill. By gathering, players can gain experience as well.


To train together

Train together and help each other no matter you are friends, brothers or lovers, you will level up quickly.


To create guild and contend for hegemony


Train with pets together.

You won’t feel lonely in training life with cute pets.

Magic gear

With extreme loyalty to its owner

Magic weapons and armors devote themselves to the destiny. Once it considers you as its owner, it will be named after you. It’s you, and only you, who can make the best of its potentials. What’s more, it will never abandon you no matter you’re in difficulties.

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