There are 5 clans in the World of Zu. Here, you will find the history of each.

Sun Warrior

Long long ago, the Sun Warrior clan studied the Tantra on the North. At this time, the monster Dragon Lord brought incessant disasters on the people until Master Mind, the chief of Sun Warrior consumed all of his energies to seal the Dragon Lord in the temple. From then on, Clan Sun warrior had to move to Wan Mountain.

Thousands of years later, the Sun Warrior clan was divided. Flame Master took his disciples back to The North and resumed studying Tantra. Finally, he reformed the Sun Warrior.

After the battle between the Good and the Evil, Dragon Lord was revived. Sun Warrior trekked over a long distance to the Desert City in order to find out the secrets which were hidden in the Magic Rock to restraint Dragon Lord.


Jingje, the Grand Master of the Moonmaiden clan, practiced in South Sea for years. As a result, she left countless treasures in Zin Palace. However, the clan fought among itself for the treasures and the palace was filled with turbulence.

The Zin Twins, disciples of Jingje, made every effort to calm the clan and eventually the Moonmaiden Clan was reformed. However, the peace did not last long. Controlled by Blood Demon, the devil Yuan-Ti attacked Zin Palace. Realizing the danger, the Zin Twins ordered Wushan to lead the other disciples to refuge in the Desert City. Later, the disciples of Moonmaiden will lead all of the clans to return to Zin Palace to fight against the Blood Demon together.


The Swordsman Clan was the oldest and most influential among the clans. Whitebrow, the Chief of the Swordsman clan, experienced five disasters in dream and was awakened by the Tai Chi General before establishing the clan. Having noticing Blood Demon’s treachery firsthand, Whitebrow went to another dimension to find a way to stop Blood Demon. Before long, he carved the Heaven Scripture on Magic Stone, describing a way to defeat Blood Demon. A battle between Gods and Devils for getting the Heaven Scripture broke out. From then on, to fight against Blood Demon had become the responsibility of every Swordsman.

Bead Fairy

Bead Fairy was closely connected with Swordsman. However, Zhaolan, the second Master of the clan, incorrectly thought that only by cutting the connection with Swordsman could the Bead Fairy Clan flourish. As a result, the two clans became estranged.

Shadow Taoist took Orchid as a hostage and demonized the disciples of Bead Fairy to eliminate the Bead Fairy clan. Under such a crisis, Orchid’s sister, Lily, journeyed to the Holy City, united with Swordsman, and reoccupied Sky Lake


The Summoner clan was founded by Master Defender. Because of their different way of training, the Summoner clan was ignored by the other clans and almost disappeared. Later, when the Summoner clan was led by Lord Daluo, the clan developed rapidly and soon became the second largest of the five clans. Blood Demon’s strategy of destroying the 3 dimension disturbed the Summoner clan so they united with the other clans to defeat Blood Demon. However, Summoner also had their own intentions which were not known to the other clans.

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