Death World

Chapter 1: Worry

It became clear that I needed to ask the Zombie Lord for a remedy to this poison, so I went to Splendor Peak to find him. But as I approached I could see that he was in a state of distress. He told me how it was the tradition that on the mid day of every month the High Summoner would send his most gifted and experienced Summoners to check on the numbers of the Ghosts in the鬼谷. But this time, two of them had not returned. All of this occurred after the Evil Marshal had murdered the Windwolf, so it did not bode well for the pair. I hurried to the Purple Fire Hall to report the situation to the High Summoner. He said that the Leader of this team was a man named Tuozu and if I wanted to find out answers I should track him down.

When I had found Tuozu, he told me that only one of the four envoys had returned; in spirit form. The poor envoys had been set upon by the Evil Night Hags and the others were nowhere to be found. I became fuelled by anger and set out at once for Death World to defeat the Evil Crones one by one. The Copper Warrior and the Elder Hag tried to block my path, they were fearsome to behold but my veins were pumping pure adrenalin, which enhanced my bravery. And I fought them with no fear

Tuozu was ecstatic to hear the news of their defeat. And as he related the tale to the High Summoner he made sure that I was the hero of the story, praising me highly. But as I tried to leave the Purple Fire Hall I found that someone was standing in my way…

Chapter 2: Going Deep Into

I tried to see who or what was blocking my way and slowly came to the realization that it was the Elder Summoner, Chian. He warned me that Broken-soul Path was only the entrance to the Death World. If I truly wished to exterminate our foes then I must go to the Punishment and Reward Gate. However, the way was filled with danger and peril so I must have my wits about me if I was to survive such a journey.

I flew back to Broken-soul Path with the Elder's words ringing in my head and progressed on to the gate. A tired and beaten Swordsman greeted me there, loudly and with much enthusiasm. He told me that his name was Fangde and he had come to the Death World in search of his brother Fangxin's spirit. Together we defeated the Dancing Lion that stood guard on the Good Soul Path.

But as we were away to move forwards a huge army of Evil Soul Chasers appeared with the intention of killing us. These monsters were powerful and had command over spells and flying swords. However, they were no match for us and with great effort we dispatched them all. Stepping over their shattered bodies we proceeded along the Good Soul Path until we reached the Evil Soul Path, where we found Fangxin's weakened spirit.

“Ah…Where is Fangde? I’m eager to talk with him…”

Chapter 3: Gathering Souls

Fangxin told us how he had had to use up almost all of his energy to resist the Evil taking him over completely. The Hopping Kobold had eaten his third and second souls and the Soul Eater had taken his second, third and fourth Spirit. If we were to save this poor wretch then there could be no delaying. Summoning my charm I hurried into battle with the Evil beings that tyrannized the Evil Soul Path.

I had defeated the Hopping Kobold and the Soul Eater and managed to retrieve the lost spirits and souls. But, when Fangxin received them he was unable to return them within himself. Then he remembered that there was a magical sword with the power to gather souls together. The owner of the sword was a wicked man, named Zensin, whose strength came from pure Evil. If I wanted to get the sword then I must challenge him. The fight was difficult and I almost lost but I found that the thought of poor Fangxin gave me the extra motivation I needed to beat him. I took the Soulthirst Sword and presented it to Fangxin.

Fangxin was grateful and used the sword at once to recover his spirits and also all of his training was successfully saved. When Fangde heard of his brother’s good fortune he wept with joy and all of his anxieties vanished. He decided to go at once to Holy City to beg the Spirit Master to make a new body for Fangxin.

Chapter 4: Cure Injury

I brought the soul back to Fangxin and he told me of a Summoner friend of his who was heavily injured and needed immediate help.

The Summoner’s name was Hesha, he was the envoy of Tuozu in the Death World. He had been attacked by the Venom Hags and the Spearmen. As a result, he had been dangerously poisoned. So much so that he had become paralyzed. The only solution was to retrieve the antidote from the Spearmen.

I was very wary to engage these fiends in battle as it was well known that they carried heavily poisoned weapons. However, luck was on my side and I escaped without injury clutching the medicine that would save Hesha..

After taking the antidote, Hesha's health was gradually restored and he asked me to report back to Tuozu. He was very glad to hear that Hesha had fully recovered and requested him to return to Desert City so he could begin the resurrections. However when I asked him to come back with me I was shocked by Hesha's response.

He cried out that he could not go back now.

Chapter 5: Rescue

Hesha was unable to leave as he still held out hope for his companion, Jazu, who had gone to bravely fight against the monsters at the Thought Wall. Before he left Hesha felt he must find out what had happened to him, I chose to help him search.

When we found Jazu he was unconscious and near death, luckily I still had some of the antidote and he gradually returned to full health. He begged me to wreak revenge for him and Hesha. I undertook the task willingly and slaughtered all of the Venom Hags and the Venom Spearmen that I could find. I brought one of their poison guns to Jazu as a prize.

This pleased him greatly but he still longed for his Kylin ribbon that had been seized by the leader of the Venom Hags, the Addicted Maid. I fought valiantly and succeeded in recapturing it. Jazu was so happy that his recovery sped up ten fold.

I asked Grey Wolf to accompany them back to Desert City. We were happy that the envoys had been saved but when I looked into Grey Wolf's sad eyes, I felt he also knew that more turmoil was to be expected. This time it would come from the Hell Judge Statue.

Chapter 6: Wicked Taoist

I helped Grey Wolf to investigate the trouble in Death World. It appeared that this area was under attack from the Golden-eye Lions. But it was perplexing; the lions didn't have the power of conscious thought, so how were they managing to fight? One reason is that it could well have been the work of the Spell Taoist. I took the Magic Soulthirst Sword and presented it to Grey Wolf. To our great surprise it gave him the ability to control the Lions.

This definitely proved that the Spell Taoist was behind the trouble. Grey Wolf thought he had a lead when I discovered a beadroll that belonged to the Spell Taoist. He read the scroll and told me that the chief suspect was a man called Yamo, who hid out in the Village Platform.

I went off to search for him and found him standing at the gate to the village. He was easy to defeat and as he fell I saw he had been guarding a plate made of some strange black material. Inspecting it I discovered a small character etched on its underside.

Grey Wolf said the writing was more Death Script so he read it carefully and with much caution.

Chapter 7: Sweeping the Evil

Grey Wolf was shocked to discover that Yamo had only a small force behind him. It had transpired that the main army was assembled in the Life-watching Platform Square in the depths of Death World.

This was a matter of high importance, so I rode at once to Desert City to inform The High Summoner. He showed concern at hearing this and ordered me to contact some of his best envoys to return, so that they might discuss the best way to deal with this menace. Then he turned to me with a puzzlingly serene look. I was ordered to assassinate the Evil Fighter of the Life-watching Platform Square and to bring one complete set of armor back with me. I had to admit that I had no idea what he could possibly be planning.

I did as he asked and presented him with the amour. He then gave it to one of Summoners, telling him to put it on and infiltrate the Ghost Army. In this way he could act as a spy and report any happenings in the camp.

Later we besieged the Life-watching Platform and fought against the amassed foes. Toad Centurions, Evil Spearman and Venom Toads were all laid to waste. The battle was bloody and left us all drained but the feeling of victory kept us afloat.

The High Summoner wore a wry smile when he heard the good news. Perhaps he had a cunning plan?

Chapter 8: Message

The High Summoner wished me to meet up with our spy, Pesha, and take a message to him.

I entered the Life-watching Platform by stealth and met up with him. To prevent suspicion we pretended to fight all the while he whispered the secrets of the evil army to me. I learned that the Venom Mist Nun counted the number of ghosts everyday and then took the results to somewhere in the South. If I could intercept her journey then I would be able to get this information from her sticky hands.

I ran to the best position for the ambush and waited for her arrival. She was so angry when I leaped out at her that she spat out a burst of poisonous fog, it smelled so bad that it made my eyes water and my throat retch. But to no avail, I defeated her easily and found that on her person she had hidden a plate similar to the one I had found on Yamo but this one was green. It had similar strange markings on its underside. I showed it to Peixuan, who said that the characters were also written in the Death Script. I took it to Grey Wolf for him to translate.

But, he said it was almost illegible, only being able to make out "220000", "Broken-soul Trap", "Magic Thread Cave" and "Widow Yee". He suggested asking The High Summoner if he could shed some light on these strange words and maybe find a connection between them. So I journeyed back to Desert City to report everything to him. He said slowly and after much deep thought that the Widow Yee may be the leader of the Death World Ghosts and that they were hiding out in the Magic Thread Cave.

Chapter 9: Entering the Cave

The High Summoner gave me the order to go to Broken-soul Slope to find the Summoner Kangu. He was in charge of the three Pioneer Clans for fighting Evil. And it was he who could verify the plate's message.

Broken-soul Slope had once been a place of training but now was overrun by Ghosts, who now treated it like their personal playground. I met with him at the mouth of the slope and together we defeated the Chifaros. But they were Devils from Hell; so how was it possible for them to walk above ground as an Army? I met up with the Moonmaiden Linsha, who was in charge of keeping in touch with our Armies deep inside the slope. She asked me to destroy all of the Lantern Pixies and the Lantern Goblins. For it was they who misled our trainees sending them straight into dead ends or even worse into the middle of Ghost Hoards.

I did as she requested and returned with the Enchanted Lampwick, that they had used to trick the poor trainees. As way of thanks she presented me to the Elder Sun Warrior Toota, who had led the Avant Courier Army to the Magic Thread Caves. We travelled together killing Life Stealers on the way.

All the way we were very aware that a strong evil force lay in front of us: deep in the caves.

End: Killing Spider

The source of the power came from the Widow Yee!

Toota became solemn and it appeared he was also a little scared. He ordered me to go back to Desert City and tell The High Summoner about the crisis. Even though he had shown his fear, he bravely took on the Widow and covered my escape. As I put my foot outside the caves I heard Toota 's last breath screaming from his body.

The High Summoner ordered that the Widow Yee be slaughtered on sight and to be spared no pain. We were all very sad about the death of Toota, but the chance to avenge him made our wills strong. We all amassed at the cave with one purpose to kill the leader of the 220,000 strong Ghost Army; Widow Yee. Our Army also had many soldiers but only one purpose to exact revenge on the Monster.

We all entered the cave and fought as one against the malevolent crone and after a long and furious battle we defeated her. But when we told The High Summoner the news of our victory he did not show the joy we had expected.

He did not believe that the Widow Yee could have found and rallied such a vast Ghost Army all by herself. But who could have helped? Or more to the point; who had used her?

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