There are many locations in the world of Zu. Here, you will find the history of each.

Blue Mountain

Preface: the recreation of the Golden Lotus (Swordsman)

Since ancient times, many enlightened men have existed. These men had powers that mere mortals could only dream of possessing. So we chose to study them in the hopes that one day we may learn the secrets of their knowledge and power and become Enlightened Ones too...more

Death World

Chapter 1: Worry

It became clear that I needed to ask the Zombie Lord for a remedy to this poison, so I went to Splendor Peak to find him. But as I approached I could see that he was in a state of distress. He told me how it was the tradition that on the mid day of every month the High Summoner would send his most gifted and experienced Summoners to check on the numbers of the Ghosts in the鬼谷. But this time, two of them had not returned. All of this occurred after the Evil Marshal had murdered the Windwolf, so it did not bode well for the pair. I hurried to the Purple Fire Hall to report the situation to the High Summoner. He said that the Leader of this team was a man named Tuozu and if I wanted to find out answers I should track him down...more

Ghost Canyon

Preface: the recreation of the Golden Lotus

Since ancient times, intelligent men have existed, these men had powers no one else could even dream of possessing. We studied these wise men hoping to learn their secrets and powers, so that we too could become more than normal...more

Miracle Town

Chapter 1: Once

One time I flew to the Mystic Tree to visit the Medicine Master, to request some medicine. When I arrived the man was there in body but not in mind. His thoughts were elsewhere, he seemed to thinking deeply about something. I wondered what could be worrying him so. After I called his name loudly twice he gradually came to. Blinking once or twice he then began to relate to me the old legends of Miracle Town...more

Miracleblade Peak

Chapter 1: Bloody Battle

In the effort to stop the attack on Desert City numerous players congregated at Miracleblade Peak to fight the Ghosts. They came one by one, but fought side by side like brothers. After I had received my orders, I also gave my all and managed to beat the Ghost Scarecrows and the Wraiths to bloody pulps, such was my righteous fury...more

Mountain Wan

Chapter 1: Leftover Evil

Ever since my entry into the Secondary World I had made a study of the methods used to behead Monsters and Demons. The Sun Master, Xaotato, was greatly pleased by my progress and suggested that I would benefit from going to further my training under Master Dazang...more

Northern Ice Field

Chapter 1: Corrupted

The Sun Warriors in Wan Temple had lost their true nature, so it fell to the monks in North Temple to take charge of carrying forward the Tantra. But life for the Sun Warriors in the Northern Ice Fields was not peaceful, for many monsters had started to invade...more

Sky Lake

Chapter 1: Water Dragon

I was so ashamed to find that there was no key in the box. I did not how to even think about finding it. I asked the Jade Pool Fairy for her advice.

She was so clever that she deduced the whereabouts of the key. For she guessed that if it was not in the Flyingstone Ape’s hand; then it must be with the Firestone Kobold in Sky Lake...more

Swirling Path

Chapter 1: Zin Palace

I have stayed here on Zu Mountain for over eighty years now. Once I decided to go to pay Wushan a visit at Moon Castle, in Desert City. It was my wish to return to Zin Palace and I knew she could help me. She told me that in the effort to resist the Evil from taking over their home, the Zin twins had used a forbidden place charm. But the twins needed our help as the malevolent forces were progressing closer to their Palace. With the guidance of Wushan I decided to enter Zin Palace and go to their aid...more

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