Miracle Town

Chapter 1: Once

One time I flew to the Mystic Tree to visit the Medicine Master, to request some medicine. When I arrived the man was there in body but not in mind. His thoughts were elsewhere, he seemed to thinking deeply about something. I wondered what could be worrying him so. After I called his name loudly twice he gradually came to. Blinking once or twice he then began to relate to me the old legends of Miracle Town.

Three thousand years ago there existed a mighty tree, called the Dragon Root. It was worshipped by the people that live nearby. They would readily protect it with their lives. But the tree seemed to have a brain of its own and decided to end its own life. But luckily Whitebrow had passed by it and picked up the dead tree to transplant it into the Secondary World.

Then ten years ago, the Flyer Clan, from the Marsh, took over the village. They were too strong for the Medicine Master to defeat by himself. He had no choice but to remain confined in Holy City with no chance of returning home.

Chapter 2: Guii

I knew that the Medicine Master was terribly homesick and thought it might do him good to have a chat. However, the only subject he wished to talk about was his Disciple, Guii. Whom, he had sent to Miracle Town to fetch an important medicine book, a long time ago. Since he had gone nothing had been heard from him and now the Medicine Master had grown more and more concerned for his safety. He begged me to go to try and find out any news of his Disciple. But after rushing to the village I found Guii dying inside an old temple.

At first, Guii mistook me for one of his enemies and flew into a defensive rage. Quickly I explained who I was and why I had come here. Upon hearing that the Medicine Master had sent me he soon calmed down. He told me that he had been attacked and poisoned by the Snakey Men and so was dying. I managed to get hold of some of the serum from the Snakey Men and by using the Blood-Suck Flowers as well I was able to purge the poison from his body.

But by then the Heretics had surrounded the temple. Guii, now almost fully recovered from the poison’s effects, fought bravely by my side and we managed to make our way back to Holy City to see the Medicine Master. Who was extremely grateful to see his beloved Disciple return safely.

Chapter 3: Ask for a request

The situation in Miracle Town grew worse as each day passed. And soon it became clear that the war was coming. The Flyers strengthened their forces and we saw that a peaceful resolution was now way out of our control. The Medicine Master requested that I also take part in the battle, not only to help defeat Evil but also to improve my training for the bigger battles that would lie ahead of this one.

I went to consult with the High Swordsman to find out where I would be best placed. He was very thankful for my offer and sent me to the Red Pearl Lake, where the battle still raged. After the taking of the Dragon Root the Flyers had moved on to the Lake and filled every corner of it with an ominous odor.

As I fought against the Evil aggressors it became clear that a separate group of Heretics had been helping the Flyers to achieve their goals. They called themselves the “Sword Bodyguards” but the impressive name did not discourage me and I soon taught them a lesson. After the battle I went to the High Swordsman to report my findings.

According to the information that I got from the Disciples, these Demons were in touch with the Sun Warriors of Wan Mountain. If this proved true then the situation was more dire than previously reckoned. I went to find leader of the fiends, a being called Intuo to find out more details before I made any decisions. At first glance, he seemed to be more than helpful but something about his manners irked me. It soon became apparent that his intentions were not honest and I was left with no choice but to defeat him to discover the real truth. Once the deed was done I took his weapon to the High Swordsman.

The High Swordsman was certain that the weapon had come from the Sun Warriors. But by this time the Flyers had already sent their Swordsmen to occupy the Evil Stone Cave, before we could progress with our investigation they had to be dealt with first. Once they were defeated I searched the cave and found a strange stone that seemed able to move. I took it to the High Swordsman, he asked me to take it to the Medicine Master to see if he could make sense of it.

Chapter 4: Shichi

The Medicine Master recalled that one of his friends, a man called Shichi, also lived in the Evil Stone Cave. But during the battle of Miracle town the two of them had lost touch with each other. Shichi’s great love was carving Statues of such realism that they truly had to be seen to be believed. The Medicine Master became nostalgic for their friendship and requested that I go to find his good friend.

When I finally found him it was not good. He had been turned into one of his beloved statues. Shichi related to me how he had been carving the perfect statue when he had been killed by a Flyer. But because he hadn’t completed his masterpiece he chose not to pass on to the next life, instead choosing to become stone until his work could be finished.

In order to complete Shichi’s dying wish I stole a stone hammer from a Flyer Swordsman, collected some high quality stone from the Stone Golems, brought a chisel back from Avoral and even begged the Gear Judge for help.

Once the Statue was finally finished, Shichi agreed to let go of this life and went with a smile on his face. However, before he slipped away he entrusted me with a letter, making me swear that I would not rest until it was safely in the hands of the Medicine Master. The letter surely contained some very important information.

Chapter 5: Enemy Alliance

In his letter, Shichi told of how the Flyers had occupied the Evil Stone Cave and that they were intending to join forces with the Viper Demons from Miasma Cave. In order to put a stop to this unpleasant alliance the Medicine Master asked me to intercept the letter of invitation being sent by the Fiendish Flyers.

Once we had read the letter we discovered that the Flyers plans were much more ambitious than previously anticipated. They had chosen to bribe the Viper Demons with the Dragon Goblin for they planned to not only take over Miracle Town but to rule over Holy City as well!

I went back to the Evil Stone Cave to look for the Dragon Goblin. I finally found it in the possession of a Thunder Flyer. I had intended to sneak up and attack him by surprise but he sensed my approach and a battle ensued. The fight was fierce and took a lot out of me but I defeated him at last. Taking the Dragon Goblin I ran back to the Medicine Master and gave it to him. He was very pleased with my efforts and gave me orders to see to the rest of the accursed Flyers.

However, it appeared that the Viper Demons were not as stupid as they were ugly, for they had secured back-up against our attack. Shichi’s Stone Golems had been corrupted and were now under their control. They had been placed in front of the Miasma Cave and instructed to kill anyone who tried to enter. So to defeat the Viper Demons we would first have to deal with the Golems.

A vicious battle commenced, tiring us to our very cores but we did manage to destroy the Stone Golems. Just then Lansun, the leader of the Viper Demons, played upon his magical flute to call reinforcements to his side. We had no time to rest before we were thrown into yet another mindless skirmish.

But that day fate smiled on the side of Good and we overcame them. I presented Lansun’s flute to the Medicine Master who, with a smile, said that it was time to do away with all of the Flyers.

Chapter 6: Pioneer

The western side of Miracle Town was back in our hands and the Flyer Lords had been forced to retreat to the top of the Dragon Root.

The High Swordsman asked me to relay a message to all of the Messengers in Holy City, then to go and find Inboo in Miracle Town.

Inboo had decided that the best course of action would be to recapture the Medicine Master’s Dorm and the Medicine King’s Temple to increase our stronghold. His plan started by taking back the Savvy Path and then progressing on to the Dragon Root. My task was to defeat all of the Stone Golems on the path and to punish all of the Broadaxe Guards who occupied our targets.

As soon as these tasks had been completed, I returned to the Dragon Root but found it in great turmoil. The Axe Bodyguards, who are much stronger than the Broadaxe Guards, were also intent on getting the Dragon Goblin. The Leaders of the Clans had also discovered this fact and were fighting with them in Moon Valley. I joined in to help retake the area.

The three Evil Leaders had heard of my reputation and wanted to challenge me. Each spoke of threats like ripping me limb from limb and tearing out my still beating heart. But they didn’t scare me for I knew that Good will always prevail over Evil. I fought against each one of them in the strongholds and with each of their defeats I once again secured our territory.

Inboo was so impressed with my skills that he requested that I took on more dangerous and difficult missions.

Chapter 7: Attack

I met up with Ruolan outside Moon Valley near the Dragon Root. She was extremely beautiful and one of the most able Bead Fairies that I have ever met. She informed me that the Flyers had asked a renowned Villain to steal the Dragon Root. This information made me anxious. So I rushed to Moon Valley to catch the Evil Silvermen by surprise.

Ruolan greeted me happily after my success as it proved that she had correctly guessed the plans of the Flyers. It was put forwards that I should go to defeat the Evil Stone Golems and the Xorn Centurions at Paradise Mountain. This should put a stop to the possibility of being attacked from two sides at once. Once the Stone Golems were defeated their spirits were transformed into Centurions, so I felt good about freeing them.

However, Ruolan had seen many Silver Knights on the eastern side of Paradise Mountain. It appeared that the Flyers had asked them to aid their escape. But because of the brilliance of Ruolan their conspiracy was foiled. And we released all of the Silver Knights spirits from their Evil duties.

After that there was no chance for the Flyers to flee, surely their end was in sight. The Flyer Lord’s days of power were numbered.

The Last Chapter: Recover

When we approached to attack the Flyer Lord, he acted like a coward, hiding inside his nest. Instead he made underlings fight with us. The Bi-Winged Devils and the Small Soldiers protected him so fiercely that we could not get near to defeat him.

But cunning Ruolan had a plan, she suggested that I attacked them near the Dragon Root, one by one. After each defeat I plucked out a feather and afterwards handed them to the Flyer Lord.

Even though this enraged endlessly he still cowered in his nest. But we only had a short time to ensure our victory, so we called all of our troops together and attacked the nest on mass. It was the bloodiest battle so far and nothing could have prepared us for the Flyer Lord’s cruelty.

He willingly sacrificed all of his men to try to save his own worthless skin. And he even went to the lengths of absorbing their powers to make himself stronger. But his brutality was to no avail, he was defeated and all of his Evil died with him.

Miracle Town was once again at peace and the Medicine Master wept with joy at the news. Our victory meant that Holy City was no longer in danger and I believed that I could finally have a rest. However the conflict between the Sun Warriors of Wan Mountain and the North Mountain was building up to explode. And with that respite would be a long way off.

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