Miracleblade Peak

Chapter 1: Bloody Battle

In the effort to stop the attack on Desert City numerous players congregated at Miracleblade Peak to fight the Ghosts. They came one by one, but fought side by side like brothers. After I had received my orders, I also gave my all and managed to beat the Ghost Scarecrows and the Wraiths to bloody pulps, such was my righteous fury.

The sudden attack sent the Ghost Army scuttling around in chaos. The High Summoner sent more soldiers to help and requested that I return to Miracleblade Peak, where I was to engage the Organ Golems and the Skeletal Men in a battle at Oracle Rock. They were the main forces behind the Ghost Army and really tough to defeat.

The conflict was intense and violent. Many of our players sacrificed their lives to achieve the victory. But their honor was in the defeat of the evil foe.

The High Summoner commended me on my part in the battle but told us not to become too complacent. There was much more to come…

Chapter 2: Assassination

Even though the Ghost Army had been defeated, the High Summoner did not believe that it was all over. He confided in me that he had sent the Moonmaiden Envoy, Wushan, to secretly investigate matters. Later, when I spoke to her, she told me how she had sent her most trusted disciple, Haian, to burrow himself into the Disembodied Spirits Slope.

I went there to find him and discovered him hiding underneath a shabby stone tablet. It was his feeling that the Ghost Army hadn't been completely wiped out. And that they lurked around Burial Hill, for he had heard that many Venom Zombies and Brute Soldiers still came from there. Not only that, but there were even more Armed Zombies and Brute Generals being created too. In order for my progress to be unnoticed I did away with every Corpse I came across on my way there. After carefully exploring the path I reported my findings to Haian.

Form the top of Burial Hill we could see the thick Ghost air rising, this proved that Haian's theory was correct.

Chapter 3: Empty Coffin

Haian explored Burial Hill by the means of the Vanish incantation. He discovered an ancient General's Tomb, being guarded by a powerful Ghost called the Brute Deathsman. I needed to defeat the Ghost to gain access to the tomb.

With Haian's instructions I found the tomb easily and saw the monstrous Ghost standing guard. Guessing that he must be the Brute Deathsman I burst into attack. As soon as he saw me he retaliated. I was able to dodge his moves and ward off his attacks with my spells. I slowly built up the advantage and seized my chance; slaying him with one blow. As he fell a key dropped from his armor. I picked it up and entered the tomb.

The key was similar in size and shape to the lock on the coffin, so I took a chance and tried it. It was the key! As the key turned the coffin began to shake, I cautiously lifted the lid. An eerie glow seemed to be coming from the coffin. I felt too scared to look at the contents but I knew it was my duty so I swallowed my fear and looked into the light…. The coffin was empty!

I knew this had to mean something; I had to go and tell Wushan.

Chapter 4: Real Murder

When I told Wushan about the empty coffin she could hardly believe it and suggested that I tell the High Summoner immediately.

He was also very surprised to hear my news and questioned whether or not this could have something to do with the General. After all he was well aware of the General's history. After a short contemplation he asked me to track down the Guard Windwolf, who guarded the Yinyang Well at Death World, to find out more. For if the General had truly risen from the dead then he would have had to pass through Death World and surely the Wolf would have seen him. Also he would be able to tell us of any other strange happenings in Death World. The dreaded General back from the dead, could it really be true? The High Summoner shuddered at the thought.

As I entered Death World I began my search for the Wolf, but he was nowhere to be found. I eventually came across his Spirit wandering sadly around; I could barely cope with the tragedy. Someone would have pay for the loss of my friends and allies. Windwolf related his sad tale to me. It seemed that the Brute Marshal who had passed through Death World on his way to Miracleblade Peak had murdered him. The Marshal, who in ancient times had been a general, had a power level so great that it was impossible to survive even a single blow from him.

With a heavy heart, I returned to the High Summoner and told him of Windwolf's demise. He concluded that the Marshal must be the felon who was leading the Ghost Armies at Miracleblade Peak and that he was the one responsible for the attacks on Desert City. He had to be stopped.

End: Kill General

The High Summoner advised me that in order to enter the Soul Trap Temple I must kill all of the Zombie Centurions first, as it was they who guarded the entrance. So I traveled to the Yinyang well, prepared for the fight and succeeded in overcoming every single one of the undead Demons.

The High Summoner had warned me of the great power that possessed the Brute Marshal, for he was able to control vast Ghost Armies and so would not be an easy target. With these words in mind I called upon my Immortal friends to help me in my plight and we rushed into the Soul Trap Temple.

The Brute Marshal had summoned many Elite Soldiers to fight at his side. Clutching his blood stained halberd and sat atop his demonic steed, he charged at us. We stood our ground, casting all the spells that we had at our disposal. The battle was fierce and lasted many hours but eventually we were triumphant as the Marshal slid off his horse and landed messily in a crumpled heap on the ground.

At last peace had returned to Miracleblade. But all was not well, for the High Summoner feared that the death of the Windwolf would mean unrest in the Death World.

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