Northern Ice Field

Chapter 1: Corrupted

The Sun Warriors in Wan Temple had lost their true nature, so it fell to the monks in North Temple to take charge of carrying forward the Tantra. But life for the Sun Warriors in the Northern Ice Fields was not peaceful, for many monsters had started to invade.

Master Dazang informed me that a Tianyu Hound-herd Group that had co-operated well with the Sun Warriors had fallen on hard times. One of the Tianyu Hound Herders named Dancuo had come to the temple for help, and he was covered in violent injuries and could barely breathe, let alone walk. From what he was able to tell us we learned that something terrible had happened to his family and brethren.

He seemed to be healing well. He told me of another Herder named Davan who was still in great peril and waited for help in the Plain Camp of North Cliff.

I went to search for this poor wretch and found him nearly frozen to death, the only indication of life was the violent shivering of his entire body. All of his clansmen had been taken over by the evil forces had to be destroyed, so without mercy I killed all of the corrupted Blood Hounds and Tianyu Hound Herders I found, thus freeing the camp. Davan was greatly saddened to see the bloodied and violated remenants of his people but he understood that I had no choice."  

Chapter 2: Heaven Fire

 Davan told the whole sorry tale. It seemed the whole tragedy had started when the Herder, after escaping the Ice Abysm, had decided to rest up near Heaven Fire Hollow. Their hounds had become corrupted after accidentally eating Heavenly Flame Pieces. So there must be something wrong with those pieces.

I took several pieces to North Temple to show Master Dazang. He couldn't believe it, but concluded that the magical war in Miracleblade Peak had somehow affected the rock here. The only solution was to go to Tsan in Morality Hall and ask him for help to save all the creatures of the North.

Tsan believed that the only way to counteract this spell was to know what magic had caused it in the first place. So, I rode to Heaven Fire Hollow and after slaughtering the Heavenly Flame Hounds, I plucked out their fire eyes and took them back to Tsan. But he was confounded by this terrible spell and reasoned it was too complicated to be solved so easily. We must also seal the spirits of the evil hounds and look for another way to solve this enigma. Tsan said that only the Ice Hour Wheel had the power to seal the spirits.

The effort had tired out Tsan and he needed to rest, so I went to Renaissance Hall alone to borrow the Ice Hour Wheel from Shilun so that the evil hound's spirits could be sealed.

Chapter 3: Sacrificing Corpses

The cause of the troubles in Fire Hollow had been found and halted. Tsan sent me to visit Dancuo, who had now fully recovered. He asked about Davan. When he found that he was still in the camp he begged me to go and rescue him and bring him back to safety.

But when I returned to Davan he refused to leave, saying that he must stay to guard the bodies of his brethren. He was afraid that their corpses would be eaten by monsters. To help alleviate his fears I drove out the Blood Eagles that hovered near the dead and killed all of the Eagles and Venom Eagles that had come to rest on the Sacrificial Alter.

Davan gave me a Shaikh Corpse and begged me to place it on the on the Altar, so that it may be resurrected. This was the final thing he asked me to do, for when I returned to the camp Davan had died. I found his rigid, huddled body crouched in the snow……..

On hearing this news Dancuo broke down into hysterical tears, I did not know how to comfort the distraught man and so sadly turned and left for Morality Hall taking some of his sorrow with me.

Chapter 4: Repelling the Snow Apes

Tsan was anxious for he had heard that after the Tianyu Hound-herd Group had been attacked, a message was received from Mani Camp. They may be in danger. Tsan ordered me to go at once to the camp and find Gaoge, the leader of the Stonecutters, and assess the situation.

As I approached I saw a group of Snow Apes attacking the camp. Gaoge was busy commanding the combat; I rushed to his side to help him resist the onslaught. It seemed that as soon as we had sent the Snow Apes packing, a horde of Giant Apes approached from the South. They were much bigger and stronger than the Snow Apes.

We fought with the beasts and soon they escaped.

Once again Mani Camp seemed like it was safe. But, from the look in Gaoge's eyes, I could see that he knew all was not well. The Devil's had not left and there were more to come.

Chapter 5: Evil Scripture

Gaoge told me of a group of Scriptcarvers that had been sent to Ancient Grove to copy scriptures many moons ago. But they had not returned to camp. Could it be that they too had been attacked by the Giant Apes and were hiding out in the Hieron Relic? Gaoge asked me to check on their safety.

As I approached I saw corrupted monks, who tried to cast Scripture Poles at me. But my skill was sufficient enough that I was able to dodge their attacks. I returned unharmed to Mani Camp and reported my findings to Goage. He was surprised at the turmoil there and requested that I go back to investigate further. Upon my return I was able to steal the sacred scriptures, which I passed on to Gaoge. He was surprised at their content as they were not the true writings of the Ancient Grove. The great and knowledgeable Mancu was speechless after reading them.

It appeared that they were Evil Scriptures. Mancu believed that the evil Scriptcarvers would also attack the camp in the near future. So, if we had the upper hand why not lay in wait to overpower them and their leader Loto? So we went to Hieron Relic a third time and captured Loto, then we killed their healers.

Now that the danger of the Evil Scriptures was no more, I decided to return to North Temple to report the news.

Chapter 6: Spirit Ball

I told Master Dazang of the happenings in Mani Camp and he told me of the events in the Northern Ice Field.

The Tianyu Hound-herd Group had originally lived to the south of the Ice Field. But the Old Snow Demon had destroyed their homes and turned it into the Ice Abysm. The herdsmen had had to move towards the North and that was where they had suffered the Heavenly Flame Piece disaster. The Elder Snow Goblin was not satisfied with possessing just the Ice Abyss, her cold heart was set on owning the whole of the Northern Ice Field. It was she who had swapped the Evil Scripture for the Ancient Grove Scriptures, corrupted the Stonecutters of the North Temple and placed the Northern Sun Warriors in mortal danger. We could use a Spirit Ball to undo the evil magic in the scriptures. A Spirit Ball was located in the center of Holy Lake in the Northern Ice Field and Mancu knew how best to retrieve it.

I found him in Mani Camp, he told me how Holy Lake had become over run with Corrupted Frenzy Apes and Stoneskin Apes. I annihilated all of these abominations and found the ball in a Savvy Blade near the Spirit Ball Tower.

Mancu recited the Calm curse forcefully whilst grasping the Spirit Ball in his hands. But the Evil Scripture remained unaffected, the spell had not worked. When I told Master Dazang he did not reply, but looked crestfallen and tired.

Chapter 7:Oath Scripture

Master Dazang held onto his silence for quite a while. When he finally spoke he said that the only way to dispel the Evil Scripture would be to defeat the Old Snow Demon.

He said that the Ice Abysm was covered in a thick impassable fog that would freeze a person solid before they got even five steps into it. So, unless we were all to die at the entrance the fog must be dispersed before we entered. And this wasn't an easy task. Master Bilin, Dazangs teacher, had an Oath Scripture Scroll in Tsan's possession that had the ability to dispel the fog. So I rode at once to Morality Hall to speak to Tsan.

But Tsan had given the scroll to an ancient Stone Ape named Aman to look after. He was out by the Scripture Highland of the Northern Ice Field, which is where I found him.

He had a pleasant nature and also the ability to speak. I related the details of my task to him. He required me to prove my honor by gathering Frost Fruit and defeating some Ancient Stone Apes. Once he was sure that my intentions were true he told me of the resting place of the Oath Scripture. However, I would also require the help of Loosa, the Warehouse Lama, to open the Oath Scripture Box.

The scripture was being guarded by three Elder Ancient Stone Apes named Dahan, Gansoul and Shichoe and they must be defeated in order to acquire the scripture. After this was done I took the box, control key and the Scripture Stone.

I brought these items back to Loosa who opened the box without trouble, but……

Chapter 8: Curse Clarion

The scroll was bound by another spell and could only be opened by using the Breaking Cocoon Curse. The only person who knew this spell was a Corrupted Scriptcarver named Donchoe. I had to find him and get the spell from him.

I fought Donchoe in the Ancient Grove and won, and as he breathed his final breath the devil's curse was lifted from him and he thanked me. I took the curse back to Loosa, who was able to read it and open the scroll. Now we had the scripture we could use to proceed with lifting the fog.

Loosa told me that the Oath Scripture was written in a mysterious language from the North that only Master Dazang would be able to read. Taking the scroll to him, he translated it into a musical spell. He then ordered me to take it to Monan in the Privation Palace, as he would be able to play the spell on his clarion.

Monan played the spell and the music was both haunting and unnerving. The sound spread out all over Zu Mountain, and as the haunting notes touched the fog it evaporated into nothing. Our job was done, the army could safely proceed.

I returned to Desert City to report to Master Dazang.

Chapter 9: Brothers

Soon it would be time to take on the Elder Snow Goblin, but first Master Dazang had asked me to save the clansmen of Dancuo who were in the Ice Abysm.

Dancuo was grateful that I agreed to help. He told me of his brother Danzen, who was trapped in the Ice Field after escaping from the west exit of the Ice Abysm into the Ancient Grove.

I found Danzen lying in the roadside snow on the way to Ancient Grove, and he was in a bad way. His teeth chattered together as he spoke and he begged me to save the corrupted Tian-Yu Slaves and the Hound Centurions.

They had turned into the mindless slaves of the Old Snow Demon. However upon their death their souls would once again be free. But once I had completed this mission there was almost no life left in Danzen, he asked me to carry a letter back to his brother.

Dancuo wailed out loud when he heard the sad news of his brother and clansmen. On seeing the effects of her work I vowed to take revenge on the Old Snow Demon and put an end to her tyranny.

Chapter 10: The Old Snow Demon

My last orders from Danzen were to go to the Sun Warrior Guardian at Heaven Fire Hollow and he would give me the directions to enter the Ice Abysm.

The guard, whose name was Nannker, told me that the Ice Abysm was over run with Elder Giant Apes and Frost Quicklings. In order for progress to be made these monsters needed to be killed, which I did quickly and without hesitation. The Guard Jinsin was elated to hear this news.

The war soon approached, so we went to Mirror Platform to find the Old Snow Demon. After a long and arduous battle, the Old Snow Demon lost the fight, turning into an icy blast of fog and dissipating into the night air.

Now that the Old Snow Demon had been defeated, the Tianyu Hound-herd Group would soon be able to return home. However, all was not peaceful, but that is a story for another time…..

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