Zu Online has quests initially organised by Faction and Class - these quests provide experience, useful items and Bone. The initial quests are designed to teach you the basics of the game, before opening up into more general quests anyone can accomplish. All quests have a level requirement, some also have a pre-requisite quest you must complete before the quest becomes available.

Available quests are marked on the mini-map with a yellow exclamation mark. Once you are close enough to see the NPC, he will have a thought bubble with a red exclamation mark over his head. Once you accept a quest, the NPC's exclamation mark will change to a grey question mark to indicate a quest in progress. When you've completed the quest, the NPC's icon changes again to a green question mark. He will also be indicated on your mini-map when you get in range by an expanding blue circle.

You can check your quest list at any time by pressing the (L) key. This will often provide a "Click to route" option to save you hunting too much! You can also check for any quests available by clicking "Search" under your mini-map, then choosing "Inquire".

BEWARE! Some quests are time limited, and you only have a few minutes to complete them!


Sun Warrior

Quest Name Level From NPC Item Reward Exp Bone Companionship
Go to Ghost Canyon 0 Wuin none 30 none none
The Flight Guard of the Desert City 0 Jamon none 30 none none
Show Abilities for the First Time 0 Dimo or Cunxu none 200 none none
Medicine Disciple 1 Armoured Golem 20x Soul Herb I 500 none 10
Deathless Zombie 3 Medicine Boy Weapon 700 100 10
Wererat (Quest) 5 Dori or Doyi Skill Book - Demoralizing Shout OR Moon Chasing 872 none 10
Broken Bones of Zombie Soldier 6 Dori or Doyi none 1200 100 10
Abnormal Changes to the Broken Bones 7 Dori or Doyi Vestment 1700 none 10
Flight Master (Quest) 7 Dori or Doyi none 1200 100 10
Ride Skill 7 Wuyo or Wuyin none 800 none none
Treasure Warehouse 7 Wuyo or Wuyin none 1200 100 10
Skill Tutor 8 Jamon Disciple Helmet 850 100 10
Summoner Mengu (Quest) 9 Jamon Disciple none 2000 none 10
Heavenshot (Quest) 9 Junior Spell Envoy Skill - Heavenshot 850 100 10
Scarecrow (Quest) 10 Summoner Mengu Bracers 2800 100 10
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